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Two stars for the animation, and lack of regressive sjw lady boy degeneracy.
Fat tits are a plus.

But personally, I would rather have full on flash animation; heavy animation, that looks like ms paint, over cgi looking stuff.

Flash animation is fucking hard work.
And the people who put their all into it get little credit while disembodied pictures of close ups, with little story or animation get tons of love from brain dead sjw Millennials that thrive off of lost brain cells and woman that look like men.

Artwork is good, but flash is the soul.
And it's missing this core element and has no life at the core.

decent animation, tits are nice and plump.
I can't stand those animators that make the woman look like men with tits so small they look like dried prunes.

Just needs some sound effects, you should make a game :v

LiCu responds:

I think there are already enough games like "Neverending alpha demo". And you know that making a game requires a lot more than just drawing. Maybe much later, when i can call myself experienced, i'll consider doing something like that :v
But anyway thanks for the review :>

Looks like a man.
May be good for the sexually confused, or gay men.

I'll pass.
Tits are so small it looks like a boy.

DrEwsher responds:


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5 all day son!
I can't get enough of your material, and I'm a pretty harsh critique.
Same old school style that reminds me of the old days, solid fapping, comedy, you bring it all dude, with a touch of nistalga that other content makers don't really deliver.

Reminds me of the days where people actually put work into flash, doing it old school style. Stuff is legit work when you're not using the newer garbage people use these days.

Seeing improvements too, like faping in a time machine back in the days where hard work, and thought produced a certain raw style of animation not found elsewhere.

Brings me back to Assasin ! Huzzzahhhh
Please never stop making flash c:

Captain-Freeman responds:

most of my contemporary NSFW animators sold out, or figured they could prosper on a quantity over quality model, I won't name names obviously, I'm an animator on the internet, not a gangsta rapper talking shit.

But thank you, I worked my dick off when I made robin raid 3, and i feel it got cruxified on score because of the unforgiving difficulty and lack of a scene select at the end (you gotta earn that shit ;))

Size is absurd, little animations here and there.
Was a fair try, but please learn to animate, no one wants to read a shit pile of text.

This is newgrounds, a flash portal.

How do people even like this garbage.
It's pictures that change after loads of text.

This is barely even an animation.
Zero skill, and zero work put into it.

Do an actual flash game, not this garbage.

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Perfect in its imperfection.

Rocking with that all and nothing.
I dig it, I love that you created your own words.

Keep thinking outside of the Tesseract, stuff is beautiful.

I enjoyed this, nice beat construction, sets a melancholy tone, 5 indicates perfection, so forgive the 4, but for what it is, it feels right. It could be longer, and progress further into something more with the same skill implemented becoming more complex. Overall well done, I like your tune.

arbelamram responds:

thnx bro!
actually thats a really old beat... and it gots alot of glitches in it and shit the the mastering is bad...
but thats really nice and thank u very much :)

This is Ambient music!!!

I'm so sick, of seeing pseudo classical crap in the Ambient section!
And more so the morons who up rate the music when it's in the wrong freaking section.

Amazing sounds, sound scapeish', nice droning sounds, very relaxing.
This is the correct section for this type of music, and on the grounds of this particular song being awesome and true to genera I rate it 5 stars.

You sir, have skill, thank you for making love to my ear.

KKSlider60 responds:

My, my, thank you very much! It's an old one, but I still enjoy listening to it sometimes. :D
Sorry I'm replying now, we don't get notified for new reviews anymore for some reason. :/

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Titty monsters are the best monsters!
It's my lifes goal to be attacked by a titty monster at some point and have it use its titty attack.

When Titty monster Robin attacks me, I can then use my secret defense move!
Dick sneeze!


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